“She seems to be a die-hard fan of comic characters”

Meeting up with someone through a website, or from bumping into her in a comic store in Bristol, the same issue remains: how to keep yourself from saying something the completely ticks her off. The thing about flirting with someone you just met is that you really do not know anything about her. That means you don’t know her likes, dislikes, turn offs, and deal breakers, which just makes it all the more likely to hit on them unintentionally. While it is somewhat easy to accept when you mess up something on your own, saying the wrong thing and not even knowing what happened can be the most frustrating experience in dating. Below, we have provided some insight on the most common ways to mess up flirting with the cute girl in the comic shop. Make the most of it.

Pop Quizzes to Prove Her Knowledge

“Ask her about her favourite comic character”

Okay, we get it: you are excited to have finally found someone who seems to be interest in the same things as you. Unfortunately, the problem here usually has a lot to do with the fact that you finally found an attractive girl you kind of like that is into those things instead of a guy. This, for some reason, tends to short-circuit our minds. With other guys, we tend to jump right into super specific questions to judge exactly how much our tastes line up with one another. With women, however, this tendency shows itself as a disbelief that she is into that comic at all.

If you have spent any amount of time looking for online fling dating strategies, pay close attention to the following. When it comes to excitedly jumping into a deep discussion of your favorite characters in your favorite comics and judging her interest, make sure you aren’t, instead, questioning how much she actually knows about the series. To break it down further, this means instead of asking her if she read the special extra issue that came out in 1997, instead ask her what she thought of the plot twist in it. The difference in the two might not seem like much, but to a woman who is all too used to being assumed, more often than not, to be no real fan of any comic and typically pushed out by other guys, the wording alone is like night and day. You go from putting the emphasis on how attached she is to the series and how much she knows to assuming she has read the issue and wanting to know her opinion on it. If that does not seem like two entirely different things, you may need to spend more time around women in general before you try your hand at picking one up.

Explaining Instead of Discussing

“Explain her what it is all about”

Following in the vein of unappreciated pop quizzes is the tendency for us to go into explanation mode instead of actually having a discussion with a fellow enthusiast. This is going to bother her just as much as the above issues, if not more so, since getting here tends to mean you managed to avoid the previous pitfall and now she is disappointed in your follow up. Keep in mind that a lot of this has to do with the male comic community in general being rather hostile to most women who show any interest at all. If that seems unfair to have to compete against the impressions left by other people, you may want to take a second look about how you and others react to women when they show up at comic events. Even if you are not making them uncomfortable, choosing not to step in just perpetuates the problem. Make it more common for them to be around and be treated like fans instead of eye candy, and you will help avoid these misconceptions in the first place.

Whether you have spent your time looking up online fling dating strategies or actively improving how you engage and make her want to stick around long enough to hear you out. That means keeping an ear out for how you phrase things. In most cases, explaining comics when we find a girl willing to talk about them is a reflex brought on from just not being around a lot of women that are really into this sort of thing. When it comes to breaking that habit, however, expect it to take a while and be patient with yourself. Spending some time practicing the difference between asking for her opinions and launching into an explanation is pretty obvious: it’s learning to break yourself of the habit that most of us need to work on. Learning to assume first that she is there because she knows what is going on can be more difficult than most of us can manage on the first go around. If you settle instead for developing a habit of asking her what she thinks of a series she seems interested in, you can at least start off on the right foot in most cases.

Dismissing Her Criticism and Critiques

“Do not criticize her interests”

Of course, all the best intentions in Bristol can’t make up for writing off any critiques she gives in response to your inquires. The main problem here has more to do with the fact that most of us seem to have an inbuilt twitch to want to defend our favorite against any and all negative opinions. It can be hard to admit your favorite story has flaws of any kind. It is even worse when you really are not sure how to reply when they are brought up. In this case, the best thing to do is memorize the phrase, “I never really thought of it like that.” Asking for her to explain what she means or why she drew that conclusion is also another tactic that can at least buy you some time to sort through your thoughts before replying. What it comes down to, more than anything else, is learning the difference between a rebuttal and an excuse. Following up a legitimate concern or criticism of her own with a counterpoint that relies on evidence within the story is a rebuttal. Saying that it is not important or to lighten up will just talk her out of listening to you anymore. It is true that everyone can hookup online, but only a few manage to get lucky. Visit flingsitesguide.co.uk/strategy/everyone-can-have-flings/ and learn online dating secrets that can help you keep a fling.

How Good She Would Look in a Revealing Cosplay

This should be obvious, but for some reason, a lot of guys seem to think the most flattering thing they can say to a woman involves how appealing you find her. Whether you are looking to employ this alongside online fling dating strategies or in person ones, your best bet is just not to try. This sort of thing really creeps women out no matter how you intend for it to come off. Launching in with a comment on outfits that are typically drawn to emphasize a woman’s sexual appeal is more likely to tick her off than flatter her. In fact, it’s stuff like this that makes it hard to pick up comic enthusiasts in the first place. Focus on appealing to your shared interests first – once you are dating you can bring up the Uhura costume in your closet.


“Is internet dating really for you?”

Many people will tell you to try dating sites if you are single, and there are some very good reasons to try them. But if you have qualms about a dating site, there may be a reason for your hesitation. If you are keen to try adult hookup sites, you must make sure that a site is legit. The top sites and worst scams are exposed here. If you are really serious about hookup internet dating, then there are a few other things you should consider, since all of them could hinder your success getting dates.

Internet Dating Sites Can Make You Seem Desperate To Women


“Don’t look desperate to women”

Even though many people use Internet dating sites for hookups, there are still ways you can come across as desperate for using them. If you have been a member of a site for a while, or if you have multiple account son different sites, it shows women that you haven’t been able to get a date, even when using more than one site. This does not speak well of or your dating abilities. Narrow down your profiles and only keep those that you get the most activity on, and if you aren’t getting hits you should consider why. It could be that something on your profile is scaring women away.

Internet Dating Sites Have A Lot Of Competition

Again, many people use Internet dating sites, which means there are plenty of fish in the Internet sea for women to choose from—and chances are you are not the youngest, hottest, most educated or richest. The average ratio of men to women on Internet dating sites is not even close to being even. There are way more women looking for dates online than there are men, but that does not always bode well for you. Women are going to be picky, and you should be picky, too. This does not mean that you go for the hottest woman out there, but maybe look for a woman with common interests and that seems genuine. If she sees that you aren’t out flirting with every single woman on the dating site like many men are she may be more willing to talk to you.

If Your Profile Is Off, You Will Seem Uninteresting


“Make your profile interesting and stand out from the rest”

This is what we were talking about when we said your profile may be the reason you aren’t getting dates. Internet dating can get you hookups, but you have to know how to use the sites to your advantage. If your profile says you enjoy fishing, western movies, and ice cream, and that you work as a sales representative for a mid-level company and still live with your sister, you aren’t going to get dates because you seem very boring and slightly immature. If you list that you love hunting, horror movies, and watching bats at night—well, now you just seem creepy and you really aren’t getting anywhere with the right woman. Even if these things are true, you don’t have to state them in such a blunt way. Get creative when you tell people about yourself online. Look at your online dating profile like a resume and the date is a job interview. If the lady doesn’t like what she reads, you’ll never get a call for the interview.

It Makes You Seem Like An Arrogant Jerk Or Liar

If you seem too much of a braggart about your job, cars, and status, women won’t care about anything else you have to say. They don’t want someone that seems arrogant, or worse someone that seems like they are lying. Yes, you may be a millionaire, and you may have a yacht, and you may enjoy sunsets and giving foot massages and Broadway shows, but many women won’t believe a man like you exists or is still single. If you don’t have a picture to go along with your profile they will also ignore you.

The last two points aren’t necessarily the issue with the dating site, but they are an issue that happens on dating sites that can keep you from getting dates, and that goes back to making you look desperate. There are other issues that online dating sites can cause for you, too.

Fraud Is Rampant On These Sites

Many people on online sites will tell you they feel safe about getting to know other people, but there are very real safety concerns. For women, meeting someone they have met online in real life can be a very scary thing, so many won’t agree to meet you, which is counterproductive to what you are trying to do on the site. Additionally, you could be exposed to fraud. Say that you meet a woman you really like and she does agree to meet you in person. After a few dates with there, though, she is no longer calling you back and her online profile has been taken off the site. Then you start to notice that someone is using your credit card, and you didn’t even realize it was missing. You have just been robbed by the date and it’s probably a huge chore to even figure out who she is. There have even been cases of identity theft reported from these types of situations.

You Lose Sight Of What Real Life Dating Is Like


“Don’t lose sight of real life dating”

Using Internet dating sites for hookups is fine and all, as long as you still try to branch out and meet women for real in real life. Online dating is like playing a video game or watching porn all day. You might be able to jump over cars, kill al the bad guys, and bang the hottest chicks in the kinkiest of ways, you aren’t doing any of that in real life unless you are Batman. Since you probably aren’t Batman, you shouldn’t get lost in these things and think they are real, just like you shouldn’t get lost in Internet dating and forget how to date women for real.

Things You Can Do To Make Online Dating Work For You

Make sure your profile is as good as it can be if you want to try online dating. If need be, get someone to edit it for you and change anything that makes you come across weird or rude. Limit yourself to no more than two different accounts, and try to log in at least three times a week so that you will seem involved, but not desperate. Don’t log in more than once a day unless you are connecting with a woman on the site. You should not ever limit yourself to online dating only, even if you have found a woman you like online. Internet dating sites are good for hookups, but they can limit you if you are looking for a long-term relationship. Check with friends if they know someone that is single, or get out into the real world to also meet women. The dating experiences you get there will help you with your online prowess.

Online dating sites can be a great way to meet people, but if you have tried it and you aren’t getting anywhere, it may be because of your profile. It could make you seem desperate, arrogant, and even like you are lying. Be careful with your profile and don’t depend on the dating site alone to get dates.

“It’s hard to accept the fact that your partner is having sex with someone else”

“It’s hard to accept the fact that your partner is having sex with someone else”

Swinging is partner swapping as rarely called today. It is a behavior by two people in a commitment where sexual activities with one other person or more are involved. The activity may either be for recreational or social purposes and takes place in several contexts. It ranges from spontaneous activity during an informal gathering to a regularly planned social meeting among like-minded people like members of a swinger’s club. The sexual phenomenon given birth by today’s technology extends to internet swingers dating websites. Sexual connections may occur outside the relationship of an established couple in swinging but swingers veer away from romantic attachments outside. This spells the difference from being polyamorists who focus more on romantic interpersonal connections.

Swingers engage in an organized activity called swing party mainly for drink and sex where an orgy is a common occurrence. This private affair offers different sex styles participated in by random people who usually show up. Swapping is the term used for available potential sex partners and all other options for swingers in the extraordinarily open relationship.
There may be over 40 million internet swingers in a single dating website rendering fulfillment of every conceivable interest, every obsession, and the best possible combination. However, free membership entails limited connection, let alone the psychological issues bound to develop in certain swingers. We have compared the websites based on their success rate and have posted their review ratings. These internet swingers dating websites could serve as a great portal to find potential sex partners.

Reasons for the Alternative Lifestyle

“Try this new lifestyle to bring some spark back in your relationship”

“Try this new lifestyle to bring some spark back in your relationship”

A swinging lifestyle is indulged into by couples for several varied reasons as follows:
Increased sexual quality: Not every couple is able to carry out swinging and some couples consider the ability to swing as an added worth and value to the relationship.
Increased sexual quantity: Swingers experience more sex as more people are available for sex. In fact, the number of available internet swingers will not fit in any one’s life span.
Increased sexual frequency: Swinging parties offer planned regular events for couples to look forward to and in addition to the normal sexual activity couples have in the home.
Sexual variation: Swinging suggests there is more to conventional sex life.
Curiosity: The sexual revolution embodied over internet swingers dating websites have turned into a phenomenon that entices or otherwise invokes curiosity among committed couples.
Social interaction: There is often a general desire by highly sociable people to meet new ones every so often. Some couples regard dating websites and swinging as a way to get together.
Recreational interaction: The individual differences among human beings lead to difference in hobbies and recreational activities. Two people together often find swinging as agreeable fun and adventure.

Understanding the Dilemma of Partner Swapping or Swinging

“Couples are reluctant to share their partner with someone else”

“Couples are reluctant to share their partner with someone else”

The concept of sex is often misunderstood and every person must identify the meaning and role of sex in one’s life. The realization provides a positive sexual attitude necessary for equally positive sex life and avoids the following psychological issues commonly tagged by swinging:
Emotional attachment: Falling in love is the top exception in swinging yet love is an imminent danger that abounds. The best sex involves the emotion and when a swinger does, the whole idea becomes pointless and defeating.
Great experience: This sounds more to be beneficial to couple swingers rather than a psychological issue but sexual satisfaction by swinging does not do well all the time. It happens that the next best high overshadows the commitment and leads to serious relationship turmoil.
Unsynchronized excitement: If only one of the partners experiences great sexual satisfaction several times, the other is left with an empty sex at those times as well. The partnership seems unable to sustain the give and take principle since sexual satisfaction is derived elsewhere and outside the partnership.
Sexual addiction: This is in and by itself a marital problem as any other addiction is generally destructive.

The Etiquettes Over a Swinger’s Party

“Learn the basic etiquettes for attending a swinger’s party”

“Learn the basic etiquettes for attending a swinger’s party”

Taking the plunge into unchartered waters with abandon often leads to disaster. Know the following guidelines before trying on swinging sex:
Come and go together. A swinger never stays around after the partner leaves. If one has to go, so must the other. Making it a team game every time rather than a solo affair builds the relationship rather than break it.
Do not be late. Arriving at a time when the party is already in full wing can be a real turn off to everyone. Any interruption in on-going performances is not tolerable as it brings about ill feelings to stop and welcome new participants who hardly know where and how to begin. Inform the host in advance if you cannot make in on time or get expelled in subsequent affairs.
Be courteous. The alternative lifestyle is a world of intricacies. Sensibility, thoughtfulness, and understanding varied behaviors make things easy. Respect the differences by treating everyone the way you would want to be treated.
Reply to invitations. Attendance is not a must but a reply is. A swinging party plans the number of attendees well and having more or less than expected spells a hang down for what should otherwise be a swing. Always thank the host for the invitation even if you are not attending.
Bring a gift. Ask the host what is there to bring or just bring anything just so you will not arrive at the party empty-handed.
Wear the appropriate attire. Comfortable clothes are apt to stand the duration of the night. You may bring along a robe or negligee while keeping jewelries and valuables to bare minimum than lose and bring embarrassment to the host.
Maintain proper hygiene. Good grooming is a necessity for any party, much so for a swing party where the environment calls for fresh bodies. Be at your best appearance before leaving and freshen up as you get to the place.
Have fun. A swing party is all about enjoyment for everyone. Maintain a positive attitude by participating comfortably in the activities. Act out to your fantasies.
Allow no room for pressure. It is all right to say “no” from the invitation to anything without an explanation at all. This behavior makes it all good and spare every one else of regretting later.
Be friendly with everyone. Be nice even with somebody you do not want connection with and show grace when leaving earlier than the rest. The interest of a friendly person becomes everyone else’s concern and you are likely to be put across attractive people.
Married couple in a long-term relationship may have had it all and can one day fall into a rut. Sharing the same old stories with the same old crowd can be ultimately totally boring and gone are the days of expectations over how to end the night over dinnertime. Even a couple who love adventures, travel, and outdoor fun and go for it so much can reach a point where excitement seems to get lost in the way.

Internet swingers dating websites make it all different and swinging may be for you and your partner. Make several real friends and meet some few rude ones from time to time. Sex can be a leisure pursuit and adult fun can be a great experience on top of everything else you both share together. Gauge mutual interest in outside sex from flirtation to towering sexual heights and everything else in between and start a sexual revolution for the partnership. Some people say the nicest things about internet swingers. You may want to discover that yourself and be among the nice people on earth.

There are a lot of vacation sites that you can drag your new fling off to, but a lot of them are extremely overhyped and not worth a second glance, let alone an actual visit. When planning your next vacation with your girl, try to avoid these places, no matter how a bunch of internet dating sites for flings might throw out the names of them with the highest recommendations. Chances are, they’re just tourist traps that aren’t worth your time, and you’ll end up not enjoying them anywhere near as much as you’d like to. Save your money for a more interesting, unusual vacation instead, and the two of you will have one heck of a better time doing things and having a seriously awesome vacation there than you would any of these overhyped train wrecks. Also, if you want to know more about fling dating and want to learn fling dating tactics, then visit flingdatingtactics.com and read fling online dating website reviews to choose the best fling online dating sites.

Washington, D.C.


“Boring place from a fling vacation perspective”

First of all, who in the world would want to take their new girlfriend here? Sure, there’s the famous mall but otherwise, it’s nothing but history and not a lot of history that you haven’t ever heard about at that. Most people have learned all they want to know about Washington in their textbook at school, and it doesn’t exactly sound like a great way to spend a romantic weekend. Another thing to realize about this particular location is that it’s hotter than blue blazes in the summer, especially because it’s such a large city. The traffic is predictably awful, and you’re going to get a few nasty looks for being tourists in the area, anyway. Pass on this one, and take your girl somewhere that she can actually enjoy some history that she isn’t 3000% aware of already.

Badaling, China


“You still want to get in the middle of this crowd?”

This is the section of the Great Wall that is closest to Beijing, in case you weren’t entirely aware, and it’s a total tourist trap. If you’re going to go around and tour China, don’t bother with this particular section, because it’s just going to be a bunch of pictures of you on some rocks with a million other tourists in the background. There are a million other cities in China that are a dozen times more interesting, and is that picture of you on the Great Wall really that important?

Better things to do in China: visit Beijing, but actually immerse yourself in the culture of food and religion there. You’ll really be able to visit some interesting religious temples while in China and sample a lot of different foods (be safe about that, though!). China is home to a lot of gorgeous women, too, and if your current fling is up for it, maybe the two of you can add a third member to your party for the stay.

Iceland (In General)


“Those drinks are expensive as hell”

Okay, so everyone hears about how Iceland is gorgeous, pristine, and fascinating to go and visit at least once in this lifetime. Pass on it. Why? Because it’s expensive! Dating sites for internet flings will never recommend Iceland for you as a vacation spot because the fact of the matter is, there just isn’t much going on there other than picturesque lakes, if spending $10 for a single beer is something you’re interested in while enjoying Iceland’s nightlife, then by all means…knock yourself out and take your newest fling there. Otherwise, pass on Iceland and find somewhere else that’s just like it for a lot, lot less.

Ibiza, Spain


“How can you have fun in this crowded beach?”

Everyone knows this is an idyllic beach. That doesn’t mean it’s that much better than any other beach, and the fact of the matter is, you can stay in the United States and find something just as gorgeous and fun to go to without being the absolute party capital of the world. Do you really want to deal with that traffic? No matter what that great dating site for internet flings said about this place, your newest girlfriend will not hate you if you don’t take her to Ibiza. In fact, she might enjoy a beach that isn’t quite as jam packed during the day, or as difficult to deal with at night. It’s a complete chaos and madness and not in a good way. It’s basically a giant tourist trap nowadays because everyone knows it as the party capital, and so that’s what they’re going to do: get drunk, scream a lot, and make your trip an absolute nightmare!

Orlando, Florida

“May be not an ideal fling date vacation option”

Shocking to some that it might be overrated, but honestly, if you’ve been once, you never need to go again. And even if you’ve never been, it’s not really that big of a deal. Sure, there’s Sea World, and nearby, Walt Disney World. Great! The thing is, it’s incredibly expensive. You’ll be dropping a couple hundred just on the tickets to get in with your girlfriend. You also have to factor in hotel stays, food, and travel, and you can easily make a trip cost thousands of dollars.

When choosing a fun vacation with a lot of activities, don’t listen to all the internet fling dating sites that talk about Orlando being a destination. There a ton of smaller scale operations that will please you and your new lady just as well without all the tourism, the traps, the traffic, and the heat.

Honolulu, Hawaii


“Honolulu – Get ready to part ways with your money”

Another tourist trap to the extreme, Honolulu can be a fun vacation, but it doesn’t mean that it isn’t incredibly overhyped. On top of that, it’s incredibly expensive, and you’ll be wincing at just the airfare to get there, more than likely! More than anything, Honolulu is a giant concrete jungle nowadays, and that’s due to massive over development for the tourist industry. You really aren’t going to be able to have that idyllic beach vacation that you are looking for with all of the tourists milling about and being up in your grill. There are so many Hawaiian beaches that aren’t as populated that you can enjoy a dozen times more.

Another thing about Honolulu: homelessness is a huge problem there, and just as if you were wandering around Manhattan while touring the city, you will have to deal with them begging you for money. If you aren’t interested in walking around, you have to rent a car, but parking is incredibly difficult in Honolulu, and if you want to secure a spot, it can be exorbitantly expensive. Check out any of the other Hawaiian Islands and cities, but not this one.

With all of the options out there for your new vacation, you should obviously avoid these cliché, overhyped locations that are honestly just not worth your money. For best results, talk to your girlfriend about what she personally would like to be able to do during her vacation time with you. Compare interests, and come up with a place that you would both like to go in order to make the best of your vacation time. Without a doubt, you don’t need to spend the money on these overhyped tourist traps to have a good time and have a fun time with your newest fling. They just aren’t worth your time!


“If you like to get dominated – get a dominatrix”

You’ve finally done it. After thinking for months, maybe even years, about how you want to try being dominated, you’ve made contact with a dominatrix. She may be a legit pro you found on a sex site, or she may be someone you found on a dating site who’s looking for a boyfriend she can also boss—and maybe smack, if you’re into that—around when she feels like it. Either way, congratulations! This isn’t something you do without commitment, and you clearly have it.

Except now you’re not entirely sure what you’ve opened yourself up to, or maybe you’re having second thoughts. Not sure what’s going to happen? Don’t know if you can go through with it? What it entails is going vary based on how legit she is and if you found her on a sex or dating site, but there are some basics either way.

Sex Site: She’s a Pro


“The specialize in dominating people”

The first things to know about most pro dominatrix are that they’re in it for money, not to get their rocks off, and they’re not prostitutes. We know there are some who at least let their clients go down on them, but sex is by no means part of the package. Talk to her before you’ve paid for anything so you won’t feel cheated later.

There are a variety of services that a dominatrix offer, but they all boil down to dominating their clients. A client might specifically want to be scolded like he’s a school kid who missed his curfew, and she can provide that. Another client might want to be whipped with a cat o’ nine tails and verbally humiliated. Another might want to be held responsible for getting things done at work and home, and having someone he has to “report” to or face punishment for not doing everything he needed keeps him on track. The dominatrix’s approach is going to vary in all those cases. She’s not a therapist, though; she’s not going to try to find out what the real causes of your issues are. She’s going to treat you like an adult who knows what he wants and give you that service.

Let’s say you’re one of those clients who want to be scolded. The session is probably going to go something like this:


“She knows what you need – let her do the talking”

You arrive at her workplace, which is usually her home, frequently her basement, and only sometimes remotely like a dungeon (besides being her basement). You’ll introduce yourselves, she’ll tell you what to call her, and she might pick something to call you (but probably not). She’ll give you her rates, and you go for half an hour of sheer concentrated scolding. You might pay at this point. Then she’ll talk to you about exactly what you want to be scolded about; she’s going to probably want to make this fantasy pretty real for you, since it keeps you coming back. Once she has some understanding, which character types are off-limits (and if you actually want to be treated like a child), she’ll start making good on what her ad said she’d do, which is often something like making you cry like a baby. If you do cry, she’s not going to make a thing out of it, unless you like humiliation with your scolding. Mostly, she’s going to do exactly what you talked about, but usually in a way you wouldn’t have thought of. When your time’s up, you pay (if you didn’t at the beginning), she gives you a couple of tissues, and you’re out of there.

Unlike a dominatrix you meet on a dating site, the legit pros don’t go for much in the way of aftercare; mostly, the ones you find on sex sites make sure you’re safe to get yourself home, any injuries you have won’t get infected or kill you before you get home, and that’s about it. If aftercare is a concern, go for someone who’s doing it for the fun of it. If you want to keep it all away from your actual personal life, though, you can’t go wrong with a pro. Now, it is important that you find a pro from a legit sex site. Read adult space review here: http://flingtacticsguide.com/site-reviews/adultspace/ and learn more about adult space scam. You must not fall for scams and expose your darkest desires to a scam artisit.

Dominating for the Love of the Game: She’s a Kinkster


“A kinky dominatrix may be a good choice for you”

There are a couple of different types of non-professional dominatrix. With the ladies you find on legit dating sites, they’re either into dominating only during sex and other specific times, or they’re into dominating all the time. You really should know which kind she is before setting up a date.

Either way, when you’re on that date, you’re going to talk before anything gets started. If she starts trying to dominate you before you’ve even negotiated—hey, you’ve heard of “50 Shades of Grey “, right? Yeah, you found the female version of the lead guy. In other words, a jerk! No matter what kind of dominatrix she is, she should want to do some negotiating and clear communicating before anything gets started.

Yeah, we know it sounded girly, too, but this woman could be swinging a whip at your back. Communication is a good thing.

On that first date, you can tell her all about how new you are to submitting and how she’s going to be your first dominatrix. She might love the idea, or she might hate it. If she hates it, don’t push it. It’s a first date. If she doesn’t call you back because of it, you’re not really out any time, and you might have even gotten a free meal out of it. If she loves the idea, on the other hand, then you might end up finding yourself on your knees before you even part ways for the night.

Being dominated by a kinkster doesn’t necessarily mean sex is involved while you’re being dominated. That might come later or not at all on a given day. The two can be closely tied together, or they can be separate. It mostly depends on her, but your input matters, too. If you’re not getting off on it, then you probably don’t want to add sex to the mix. On the other hand, if you love it then orgasms could make it even better. On the third hand, tying orgasms and being dominated together could make for some awkward times later: either you get turned on when your boss is yelling at you or you almost need to be dominated in order for sex to work for you. Only you know which is going to be best for you, and only you know if it’s worth risking changing how your sex life currently works. This is important. Think it through. You can’t undo sex-life changes.

The Takeaway

Getting involved with a dominatrix is pretty big, whether she’s a pro or just kinky. It’s a huge change to your sex life, even if it doesn’t involve actual sexual acts; it’s going to influence your fantasies and thoughts for a long time, and it could backfire pretty easily and put you off all kinds of intimacy, both groin-related and otherwise. Either way, make sure you talk things through with her, and don’t be afraid to tell her what your limits are. It’s kind of the point of being with someone who knows what they’re doing, you know?

With the ever increasing popularity of smart phones and applications for mobile devices, it is practically much easier today than ever before to keep tabs on your loved ones, especially your children and if need be your spouse. These applications often utilize Global Positioning Systems (GPS) technology to keep track of locations, all for the purpose of giving you some peace of mind. Here are some of these available mobile phone applications.

Life 360 (available for Android, iPhone, Windows Phone and Blackberry for free)

This is a widely popular application that offers, of course, a GPS monitoring that can pinpoint the exact location of a family member (a child or spouse for instance), the ability to “check in” at a location to alert family members and inform them that you are safe and sound, and a group-messaging program for instantaneous relay of information to multiple family members. Its map also marks the location of important places like police stations and hospitals.

SMS Tracker (available for Android for free)

This program runs in the background and allows a third person, say a concerned or worried parent, to see all incoming and outgoing calls, text messages, and even photos being shared. This way they can monitor any unpleasant, unwanted and even malicious exchanges that may occur.

Securafone (available for Android and iPhone for free)

This is a GPS-powered tracking program that features a panic button that children could press immediately to dial a number preset by a parent. Parents can also set up virtual fences around their children. An example would be the boundaries of the school, at which they can be alerted when the children go beyond this area.

Another feature is the “distracted driver alert system” which is exclusive for Android. This disables the short message sending ability (text) as well as the use of social media on the phone when the user is traveling faster than 5 miles per hour.

Browse "Call & SMS Tracker" by

Browse “Call & SMS Tracker” by

Footprints (available for iPhone at USD 3.99 per year)

Just like Securafone, parents are given the ability to set up virtual fences around their children and be alerted once they exit the area.

Mobiflock (available for Android, Nokia and Blackberry for USD 25 per year)

This application allows you as a parent to have full control of your child’s phone even from afar. You can block certain applications, disable the camera and even turn off the other functions of the smart phone at a fixed and predetermined time period. This way you’ll be able to prevent improper phone usage.

AT&T Family Map, Sprint Family Locator, Verizon Family Locator

(all available for cellular phones at USD 5- 10 per month)

Get a plan from your cellular phone service provider and you can use these applications to monitor your child’s movements and whereabouts even if his mobile phone is not a smart phone.

AT&T Family Locator

AT&T Family Locator

Relationship will never be smooth sailing all the time. Even siblings who grow up in the same environment and value orientation has differences, what more with you and your partner who have a totally different background or environment at home as you grew? Opinions on so many things can clash and as a result, hurtful words can be spoken at the heat of the moment. And when it did, it would be hard to undo and where would your relationship be? This might not be so apparent at the beginning but if you two keep on bickering without dealing with the root of the issue, you’ll find a great chasm between the two of you someday.

So before things can get worst and gap between the two of you gets too big to bridge, you both should learn to compromise. Here are 5 steps to help you both to meet in the middle, compromise, mend and keep your relationship intact.

1. Start a relationship that prioritizes an open communication. And if you were not able to establish it in the beginning, establish it now. Don’t wait to open things up with our partner. It is never good to assume what the other thinks and it works the other way around too – it is not good to have your feelings taken for granted. If your partner is so use of you keeping quiet, then it is time to speak up and tell your partner how you feel, what you think. As much as you don’t want confrontation, you will need to say your piece and let your partner know how you feel. Also, learn to listen to your partner as well. This will enable you both to open your channels of communication and start really talking with each other. When you open your communication with your partner, this is to allow each other to really talk and deal with the chasm that is starting to build up between the two of you.

5 steps to cheating the middle

5 steps to cheating the middle

2. Aim to forgive. Understand that when arguments happen, hurtful words will just flow. Often times, your partner does not really mean this. So if you work things out to really talk, be ready to forgive and forget the hurt of past arguments.

3. List down all the things you think both of you should compromise with. If you think your share in your household’s expenses is greater than with your partner, write it down; write the reason why you think it is so and provide a solution or a proposal. Write it not for your partner to read but for you so that you are reminded as to what you need to say with your partner.

4. Prepare for suggestion or opinion from your partner. If you don’t get one, ask one. Ensure that you are getting a feedback so that you will know that both of you are really agreeing on something. You have to make your partner understand how important it is for you to achieve compromises. In the process of doing so, make your partner feel that you are doing this because you want the relationship to last long because you see this relationship very important.

5. Achieve collaboration. Both of you must do his or her share of the agreement. If you have decided to split household expenses, for example, into 50-50 then give your 50 percent share on your own end. Don’t assume that that is the fifty percent. Ask your partner about the estimates and base your share there. And if expense goes beyond the estimates, be prepared to share another half of the cost – that is if this is what is agreed upon both of you. This is just an example. You can do this agreement between the two of you on everything that cause you two to argue. Just keep on with this and you both will have a lifelong relationship.

make compromises with

make compromises with

In the course of our day, there are various factors that can greatly lower our energy levels. These include insufficient carbohydrates fuel, fatigue, insomnia, nutrient deficiencies and others. In other instances, the need for energy is purely on demand. Athletes and active people do often exhaust the body energy banks, therefore the need for supplements to boost the energy. There are a number of energy supplements that are available out there. They serve the following purposes:

The common top energy supplements essentially are composed of the following basic ingredients;


The most effective stimulant is caffeine. Caffeine, quite familiar and readily available, is one of the most common constituents of all energy supplements. It gives the actual boost of energy. The amount of caffeine in the product essentially determines the level of boost provided.

Muscle building supplements

Muscle building supplements

Caffeine and similar stimulants boosts the metabolism temporarily. This helps to improve mental focus especially during a period of near exhaustion. Caffeine and other stimulants containing drinks are in extensive use in sports, particularly by athletes to stem off exhaustion during performance. The common energy supplements all contain some form of caffeine, whether natural or synthesized. These include koala nuts, green tea and common energy drinks.

Other similar stimulants that serve as energy supplements include bitter orange, capsaicin and ginseng

Carbohydrates and Proteins

Carbohydrates provide the main source of energy for the body. They are also the main constituents of energy supplements, albeit under the moniker, calories. Modern literature has instilled a negative meaning of the word calories. Most people take them to be food constituents that cause heart attacks and block arteries. Calories are actually the measurement of energy in a particular food item.

Proteins on the other hand are the main constituents of our body cells. They form the main building blocks for muscles and body repair especially after a heavy work-out. In the absence of easily broken down carbohydrates and fats, they do provide alternative sources of energy.

Energy bars, energy shakes and meal replacement proteins are the common forms of energy supplements available. They can either provide a quick or lasting supply of energy. The top energy supplements that provide quick bursts of energy are essentially composed of simple sugars and minimal traces of proteins that are easy to break down and release into the blood stream. For longer lasting energy sources however, the products do contain both simple and complex carbohydrates plus more protein. The top supplements that fall in this category include Balance Bar, Chef’s Jay Tri-O-Plex and others.

Energy gels come fully packed with all forms of simple sugars that are rapidly absorbed in the blood stream. Sometimes there are small amounts of caffeine added for a more boost. The gels are available in single serving packs that are useful for athletes on intense workouts that last for more than an hour, for example marathoners and heavy weightlifters. Common energy gels include GU Energy Gels and BOOM Energy Gels.

One Of The Best Ways To Get

One Of The Best Ways To Get

Most of the energy supplements are actually derived from the nutrients already present in our body. It is possible to acquire the supplements from a well balanced diet. However, active people, especially athletes and bodybuilders, do require frequent boosts to cover the increased demand. Therefore the need to resort to top energy supplements.

Majority of parents give allowances to their children. Because you cannot expect young children to handle money very well, you might not like to give them more than they need or handle. Still, giving your children allowance when they go to school is a good early practice for money discipline. But you want to be careful just how much to give so as not to overwhelm them and risk losing the opportunity to teach them the basics of money management.

Here are four ways parents can use to determine just how much money to set for children’s allowance:

1. Creating an allowance by age. There are two acceptable formulas for this, in which it suggest giving 50 cents per year of age of the child; another suggestion is a dollar per year of age. It may be wise to use the 50 cents formula to children below 10 years old and the one dollar formula to children over 10 years old.

Make it clear to your children

Make it clear to your children

2. Creating and allowance by budget. As much as you want to give your child an allowance, you need to also consider your budget. Finding out how much this budget is will help determine how much more you can set aside for the allowance. You need to consider the recurring weekly or monthly expenses as well as the non-recurring expenses that nevertheless will pop up sooner in your budget calendar.

3. Allow your child to suggest his or her allowance. Some parents might find this suggestion as a double-edged sword as children can’t really tell the difference yet between a “want” from a “need”. Likewise you can’t simply ask a child what he or she wants to buy on a regular basis because not everything they want to buy or have may be good for them at their young age. Instead, tell your child that they can make out a list of what they want to buy but like anything else in your home this list is subject for your approval. As said, don’t give too much that children can have everything they want – they need to learn later in life that they need to work hard for the things they want.

Trying to figure out how much allowance to give your child,

Trying to figure out how much allowance to give your child,

4. An allowance for each helpful chore. While this method may backfire, making the children think they can ask for money each time a new chore is assigned to them; simply let them know that as their parent you can choose not to give allowance for every chore done as chores at home must be shared by everyone. Letting them know that you give them allowance because you feel thankful for their help will make them think of chores as their part of “help” in the family instead of a “task” that needs to be done.

Personal outsourcing is not anymore new to many of us. Unlike before where people are used to having their offices with many employees working with them. This can be impossible for small businesses then. Nowadays, people opt to just work in the comfort of their homes and small businesses flourish with outsourcing their work.

And if you want to hire cheap virtual assistants, you can always find such in India. You can ensure yourself to work at home where it is more convenient and relaxing for you. Why? First, you don’t have to rent offices and you don’t have to buy office materials and supplies. Moreover, you don’t have to think about those electric bills.

And also, you don’t have to think about security guards, janitor, messenger or the whole office staff for that matter. No wonder outsourcing became so famous nowadays; just see the benefits you reap from it. You will be able to really save a lot of expensive an office entails. But, outsourcing staff in India does not come cheap all the time – not unless you don’t know these three tips:

What I Outsource First

What I Outsource First

Don’t rely on one service provider or virtual assistant. Trusting to one full-time employee is not a good idea. This is due to the fact that many virtual assistants are known of disappearing during the time when they are needed most. Thus, it is always wise if you have at least two or three assistants to help you with the daily tasks. You can just split their workload and schedule, like there’s someone to work on the first half of the day and the second for the second half. And if you think you can still work during the night time, you can also add another one.

Increase tasks gradually. We all know that outsourcing needs a trust factor. Thus, you must invest in people who are trustworthy, tested, and proven skillfull people. Hence, it is always a good idea that when you hire someone, start with a training period of two until three months training period. From there, you can observe what can he or she does or contribute to the company or business. There are freelance employees who accept the job then once given they tend to disappear and gave you lots of reasons. Try to give your new employee starting tasks and when he already perfected the task, you can add more tasks for the second week, and so and so forth until he’s done with the training. Make sure when the assistant is done with the training period he’s ready enough all the actual tasks that he will be doing daily.

reasons for outsourcing

reasons for outsourcing

Sort daily tasks based on importance. Take note of this; do not give tasks that need to be submitted ASAP. Give time allowance because there are factors that you must always consider like internet connection and electricity breakdown due to bad weather condition. These are factors to be considered because both of you are living in different part of the world. Time allowance is important because when worse comes to worst, you can still handle the situations with ease. 

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